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Denodo Monitor Error: Non-JRMP server at remote endpoint

Denodo Version: v20220126 After configuring the file with the relevant credentials and host:port details, the Denodo Monitor throws a ConnectionIOException - non-JRMP server at the remote endpoint. My initial hunch is that the port number may be wrong, but could there be misconfiguration on the VDP isntead?
24-05-2022 20:33:08 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, Have you checked the trustStore field in the file? The issue seems to be with the SSL configuration, as the Denodo Monitor cannot trust the server that it is connecting to. For the Monitor to be able to trust in the serverm we will need to include the VDP Server certificate into the Denodo Monitor truststore. For example, I am running the Denodo Monitor on the same server as VDP. I have configured the following property to point to the truststore of the VDP Server. This trustore contains the certificate because I have added it as part of the ssl VDP server configuration:\:\\Denodo\\DenodoPlatform8.0\\jre\\lib\\security\\cacerts Additionally, if you are running the monitor from a different server I would recommend you to make sure that your firewall ports are open for connections, which you can refer to the documentation on [Default Ports Used by the Denodo Platform Modules]( for guidance. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-05-2022 12:23:09 -0400
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