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Integrate Power BI with denodo

We have Denodo hosted in AWS and we are trying to integrate Power BI with Denodo and we have a reqirement that is different Power BI users using the same service account but accessing different databases or data based on the privileges set for the user in denodo.
07-01-2022 08:44:58 -0500

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Hi, For your use case, it is only possible to restrict a **Virtual DataPort User** or an **LDAP user** and provide access privileges for a particular database. I understand that there are multiple Power BI users who are commonly accessing through a Service User to connect to Denodo. If this is the scenario, it is not possible to restrict Power BI users who use service account for accessing Denodo. However, as a workaround for your use case, You can bypass the service user by being a Virtual DataPort user or an LDAP user. For example. * For a Virtual DataPort User, I can grant privileges and assign roles to restrict access over a particular database. * For an LDAP user(if mapped with necessary roles), I will import the roles and grant privileges to restrict the user. For more information refer to the **[Denodo Power BI Custom Connector - User Manual](** Knowledge Base Article for connecting Power BI with Denodo and the following documents from the Virtual Dataport Administration guide * **[Creating Users](** * **[Modifying the Privileges of a User](** Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-01-2022 07:40:34 -0500
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