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Azure Denodo database with Direct query Power BI

Hi, I am looking solution to connect Denodo database with Power BI direct query method. I am able to connect Power BI desktop with Denodo database using ODBC connection but unable to view the content into Power BI service. I am connecting Power BI desktop using azure account and Denodo server using user name and password. I need to know how I can consume the content into Power BI service.

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Hi, I have tried to connect the Denodo from Power BI by following the steps mentioned in the user manual [Denodo Power BI Custom Connector - User Manual]( I was able to retrieve the data from Denodo. Further, If I want to query only specific elements from Denodo, I would use the **ODBC** connector of Power BI and select the created DSN as the data source name. Then in the **Advanced options -> SQL statement **section, I would specify the query to retrieve data. For configuring an ODBC connection to Denodo, you can take a look at the [DSN configuration for ODBC connections to VDP]( Knowledge Base Article. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-06-2021 07:03:13 -0400
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