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logging in Denodo

Hi, In term of best practice, is it better to use the host of the solution manager to centralize all the logs from the other denodo platfom hosts, or is it better to have logs at each host? How can we export the logs into a database? Thank you
12-05-2023 09:55:06 -0400

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Hi, Regarding your first question: > is it better to have logs at each host? It depends on your architecture and lgging strategy. if you are using Solution Manager to manage environments with clusters of Denodo components, I would recommend to use the Embedded Denodo Monitor along with the Solution Manager, it is easy to use and your logs will be saved in folders by each environment/cluster/server. You can refer to [this]( for more information about Embedded Denodo Monitor. On the other hand, A Standalone Denodo Monitor would be a better choice if you want to run the Denodo Monitor on another server to decouple the monitoring process from other Denodo processes, you can refer to [this]( for more information about how to setup the Standalone Denodo Monitor. Both Denodo Monitor can store the information in a database. See [this]( to setup (this part is for the Standalone Denodo Monitor, if you are using the Embedded Denodo Monitor on Solution Manager, the configuration file is `<Solution_Manager_Home>/conf/solution-manager/denodo-monitor/ConfigurationParametersGeneral.template`) Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-05-2023 20:43:15 -0400
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