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Invalid Query because of Oracle REGEXP_LIKE pattern

Hi, I am trying to create a base view from query with below sql syntax. However it is failiing with invalid query so i came to know that it is because of '<(1\d\{3\}(\.\d+)?)+>'). Now i tried escaping { and } with '\' but still no success. i am trying to delegate query to source as REGEXP_LIKE is not present in source hence creating with option create base view from query. REGEXP_LIKE ( CASE WHEN REV.MONO_NUM_ID = 0 THEN REAG.REAGENT_TITLE ELSE T.MONO_TITLE END, '<(1\d\{3\}(.\d+)?)+>') Can you please see what else is wrong in query ? causing it to fail with invalid query Regards Salman Khan
02-03-2020 07:13:02 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I would try to execute the SQL query in the Data Source first, in order to ensure that it returns the data I expect for creating my view. Notice that the SQL query you are using to create a view has to use the syntax of the queried database and not the syntax of Virtual DataPort. You can find useful information at [Creating Base Views from SQL Queries]( from the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide, as it contains detailed information about this topic that may help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-03-2020 04:40:24 -0500
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