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Cannot Create BaseView Form SQL Server Partition Table

I will create 6 baseview from sql datasource, i'm not sure the table have partition table or not. But on denodo only 1 table created and another table error (conflict table name). Illustration, i will create base view - ``` + dbo + 20190208TransAutoDebetDetailBCK1 + 20191207TransAutoDebetDetailBCK1 + 20191110TransAutoDebetDetailBCK1 ``` but, only 1 table created and the table name is *"transautodebetbck1"* without specific date name - Please help us to solve this issue

2 Answers

Hi, I tried importing multiple tables with a similar naming format from the SQL Server data source and faced the error stating that *“The tables below were not imported because there are existing views with the same name”*. Virtual Dataport allows us to select charsets for the entire Server and also, for the database. I realized that by default, the server/database is in the Restricted mode, because of which the name of the base view should start with ‘a to z’ or with the Unicode characters with the code point from 200 to 377. For e.g., if you still try to import a table with a name violating this, it would assign a relevant name in the compatible format. For importing the tables with the name as it is, Under the Administration → Database management → Edit → Identifiers charset, I chose ‘Unicode’ for the virtual database that I want to import my view into. Now, I was able to import tables with a name starting with the number. For your scenario, That’s why 20190208TransAutoDebetDetailBCK1 is getting renamed as TransAutoDebetDetailBCK1_0. So, you can either drop the existing base views and import them again or rename the base views in the right panel. Also, You can choose Unicode as the charset, you can import the tables with the names as expected. For more information, you can refer to [Identifiers charset]( section of the Virtual Dataport Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-02-2020 07:22:53 -0500
Yes working on my server machine, thanks
08-03-2020 22:21:50 -0400
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