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Script Deployment

I have created around 100 objects base views, derived views, api's etc on development environment which is on dev-domain. I would like to promote all these to pre-prod environment which is on different domain pre-prod-domain. Since the domains are different, how would you recommend to export all these objects from dev to pre-prod.
27-10-2021 03:18:55 -0400

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Hi, For promoting Virtual DataPort elements across different environments, I would use either of the below options: * [Promotions]( option of the Solution Manager Administration Tool. This option involves [creating revisions]( for the elements to be promoted to the target environment, [validating the revision]( and finally [deploying]( the revision in the target environment. * [Export & Import]( option of the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. This option involves exporting the Virtual DataPort server metadata either graphically or via script and then importing it in the target environment. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-10-2021 08:34:53 -0400
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