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Can you manually edit a Extractor Sequence?

My problem is that I need to click on something by Finding the Element by Text and I have tried changing several options in the options drop down while recording and cannot seem to figure this out. I was able to select the item by several different versions of attribute and one of xpath but my problem is that this changes based on each row of data, If I am able to manually change the XPath row below to click on the word Party instead ( FindElementByXPath(//A[matches\\(.\\,"\\\\s*Party\\\\s*"\\)]); ) then this wrapper would work properly. Again I am wondering if there is an option I can change to achieve selecting an element by text while recording or if there is a way to manually edit an Extractor Sequence. Thank you FindElementByXPath(//A[\@HREF = "^EncodeSeq(@DETAILSEQUENCE_1_HREF_0)" and \@TITLE = "^EncodeSeq(@DETAILSEQUENCE_1_TITLE_0)"]); FireEventOnSelectedElement(onmousemove>onmouseover>onmousedown>onmouseup>onclick); ExtendedWaitPages(-1); FindElementByXPath(//A[\@href = ""]); FireEventOnSelectedElement(onmousemove>onmouseover>onmousedown>onmouseup>onclick); ExtendedWaitPages(-1);
04-06-2015 14:21:58 -0400

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Hi, If you want to edit the extractor sequence you have to double click on the linked extractor component and then click on ‘Extractor Sequences’ button in the bottom left. You can then manually edit the XPath expression in the ‘Extractor Sequence’ pane in the right, and click on ‘Save’ to save the changes. Take a look at the section ‘Importing the sequence into the Extractor component’ in the ‘ITPilot Generation Environment Guide’. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
08-06-2015 05:00:03 -0400
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