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exception parsing query near 'insert'

I have an issue with several MicroStrategy reports running against Denodo interfaces. These reports were previously working, but now when trying to run them they are failing. These reports have multiple metrics that are creating temp tables, inserting data, then dropping the tables after the report renders (this is very typical). When I pull out a single pass and attempt to run it in the vql shell, the create statement runs fine, but the insert into statement fails with the "exception parsing query near 'insert'" error. Any help would be appreciated.
30-07-2019 11:35:26 -0400

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Hi, The above error occurs due to the incorrect syntax of the VQL statement. I have tried to insert data to a temporary table using the VQL shell. For example, let us consider ``` CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE employee_test ( ssn : text , first_name : text , surname : text ) INSERT INTO employee_test (first_name, surname, ssn) VALUES ('Emma', 'Smith', '987-65-4321'); ``` Virtual Dataport throws an ‘exception parsing query near 'insert'’ error because here I have missed the semicolon(;) in the create statement. After applying semicolon to the create statement. I was able to insert the data in the temporary table. you can refer the [INSERT Statement]( and [Temporary Tables]( section of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-07-2019 07:52:47 -0400
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