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How to run a vcs pull of a database through code

We have set up our denodo solution such that it is connecting to a gitlab repo. We have defined a ci/cd process that takes the files from the development gitlab repo and pushes them into uat gitlab repo. We would like to run a VCS pull command on all databases at the end of the ci/cd process. How would i do this? Is there any rest api i can use to execute a vcs pull?
29-03-2023 05:43:05 -0400

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Greetings, Hope you are doing well. The supported GIT operations such as push, pull and revert are executed at the database level. Apart from that, are Global elements (e.g. jar extensions and i18n maps) which can be enabled in version control systems, and are only managed at server level. For more information, you could check the following documentations about supported [element types]( and [GIT operations]( For more details, kindly refer to the following answer, relating to [CICD process with Version Control (GIT)]( Moreover, regarding specific VQL command statements that can be used to work with GIT/GIT based systems, you could use the [following]( Although we encourage using the Administration Tool and the Design Studio to perform VCS operations instead of using them manually or through CI/CD processes. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-04-2023 05:56:56 -0400
Thanks for the help. Will come back when we have incorporated the DVCSPULL command.
05-04-2023 07:06:49 -0400
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