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Derby DB

Hi, We seem to be experieincing performance issues in our data catalog and its possible that this relates to Derby. Is there a way to :- 1. Check the performance 2. Optimise Derby Other suggestions / ideas would be appreciated. Regards, Lee
20-12-2022 02:45:46 -0500

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Hi, In general, [Apache Derby database]( embedded in Virtual DataPort can be used for testing or for small data sets but it is not recommended for large data sets or on production environments. If I experience a performance issue with the Derby Database, I would try the following approach : * Reclaim the unused space from the database using the Predefined Stored Procedure [COMPACT_METADATA_TABLES]( To execute the Stored Procedure, you could use the below commands in the VQL shell of the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool: > CREATE PROCEDURE compact_metadata_tables > CLASSNAME ='com.denodo.vdb.contrib.storedprocedure.CompactMetatadataTablesProcedure' > CALL COMPACT_METADATA_TABLES(compaction_type : int) * Store the Data Catalog metadata in any of the supported relational databases (JDBC) as mentioned in the [Use an External Database for the Data Catalog]( section of Data Catalog Guide for more information. If the issue persists and if you are a valid support user, you could create a support case on Denodo Support Site so that our team will assist you. Hope this Helps!
Denodo Team
20-12-2022 08:05:55 -0500
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