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Removing column from base view

Hello, I need to remove a column from the base view created now. Is it possible to do from web design studio's graphical interface itself or have to query it in VQL query window
23-08-2022 03:58:21 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, If I need to remove a column from the view output, I would create a **Selection** view over the base view by following the below steps. To create the view, I would use Design Studio rather than using the VQL Shell since the graphical view creation interface is very intuitive. * In Design Studio, click the **File > New > Selection** menu or hover your mouse over the base view, click the vertical ellipses, and pick **New > Selection**. * In the **Output** tab, choose the column you want to remove and click **Remove**. * Click **Save** after giving a name for your new selection view. You can refer to [**Creating Selection Views**]( in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more details. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
25-08-2022 14:43:06 -0400
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