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Pre & Post processing while connecting the base view

Hi Team, Is there any feasibility to call a script pre processing and post processing while calling the Base view Calling a View Steps Pre-processing: call a pre_process script run base view post processing: call a post_process script Thanks Balu S
24-08-2019 03:36:04 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Virtual DataPort provides an API to develop custom stored procedures written in Java. For your scenario, I would write a custom stored procedure that executes the steps mentioned in the below order and import them as base view in Virtual DataPort. * Pre-Processing steps. * On success of 1# , Steps to retrieve the data from source. * On success of 2#, Post-Processing steps. Thus, when this base view is executed, the above mentioned 3 steps are executed implicitly by the stored procedure. The [Developing Stored Procedure]( User Manual of the Virtual DataPort Developer guide explains this in detail. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-08-2019 06:35:13 -0400
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