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VQL for interface creation

On creating interfaces from derived views using denodo front end, I found that some decimal columns(in the derived view) were shown either as decimal or long datatype in the interface. I wish to create interfaces using vql script. Is it safe if I copy the datatype, scale, precison, length etc of the dervied view from the catalog_metadata_views() and use them directly for interface VQL script generation. It would be really great if you can provide a small example or a mapping sheet for datatype conversion. Thanks in advance
17-04-2018 08:01:43 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, Yes, you could use VQL script to create an Interface view. The definition for each field can be provided along with the VQL based on the Derived View. For example, ``` CREATE INTERFACE VIEW i_incidences ( summary:text, ttime:date, taxid:text, inc_type:long, ) SET IMPLEMENTATION incidences FOLDER = '/Interface views'; ``` For more information, you could refer the [Defining an Interface View]( section of Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
17-04-2018 08:32:35 -0400
HI, Thanks for immediate response . *(We have gone through the link provided)* I want to create Interface from my Derived views using VQL query(Not through front end/GUI method) So can You help on how can we generate VQL by referring catalog_metadata views() by using derived view name .
17-04-2018 09:16:38 -0400
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