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No Option of "Create Missing VQL Properties " in solutions manager

Hello, I am trying to Deploy a webservice I have created in QA to Prod. When I am trying to Deploy it, is failing with the error of "Missing VQL Properties". When researched on this, according to the link pasted below we can use the "Create Missing VQL Properties " button to create the missing values, but I am not finding that option Can you please help me here.

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Hi, I have come across this error ‘*Missing VQL Properties*’ while deploying a revision without adding the *.properties* file to the target environment. For the deployment to succeed, the target environment should have a value for the missing properties. You can refer to this question from the [community]( for the steps on how to fix this error. In addition, I would suggest you perform the [validation]( before deploying a revision, to ensure all the required properties are defined in the target environment. When the validation fails and you have the permission to create properties, the ‘*Create Missing VQL Properties*’ button appears using which you can configure the missing properties in the target environment. Note that this button pops up when you try to validate a revision not when you deploy it. You can refer to [Configuring Virtual DataPort Properties]( section of the Solution Manager Administration Guide and [Managing Denodo 7.0 licenses - Revisions]( tutorial document for detailed information on this. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-03-2020 07:33:34 -0500
Can you please say what acces must a user have to get the option.
03-03-2020 07:49:58 -0500
Hi, I would assign one of the two roles for a user to manage the Virtual Dataport properties: * *Promotion administrator* - a normal user with the role ‘solution_manager_promotion_admin’ * *Global administrator* - A normal user with the role ‘serveradmin’ or an Administrator. You can refer to the [Authorization]( section of the Solution Manager Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-03-2020 07:44:41 -0400
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