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Error using Context into a Stored Procedure

Virtual DataPort v7.0 update 20190312 I try to use Java Scheduler API into a stored procedure to grant access to training user in the scheduler. When i run my code in Eclipse debug, everything goes well. But when i import the store proc into VDP and run it, i get this error message : "Finished with error: com/denodo/scheduler/client/commons/Context" I get no logs, and the code doesn't go into my catch java clause .. Could you tell me if i'm doing something wrong ? Context context = new Context("scheduler", "admin", "localhost", 8000, false); SchedulerManager schedulerManager = SchedulerManagerFactory.getManager(context);
06-02-2020 16:33:25 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Generally, the user authentication for the Scheduler Administration Tool depends on the users created in Virtual DataPort. In order to authenticate users in Scheduler, I would directly create the user in the Virtual DataPort and give permissions in scheduler. Regarding the error, I suggest you check the logic of the Java code and ensure that the dependencies are loaded. You can have a look at the section [Permissions ]( the Scheduler Administration Guide and also at [Required Libraries to Develop Stored Procedures]( of the Virtual DataPort Developer Guide. If you are a valid support user, you could raise a support ticket in the Denodo Support Site so that our team can help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-02-2020 07:03:25 -0500
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