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Identify delta for source indexes

I'm aware - with the stored procedure 'source_change', we are able to identify changes (like field added/removed/property changes) for underlying source. I observed this does not identify changes in indexes (added/dropped) in underlying database. Please advise in case we want to identify index changes in mass. Appreciate it.
23-10-2023 15:11:25 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In general, `GET_SOURCE_CHANGES` stored procedure is used to detect the difference between the schema of base view and the corresponding data source. At this moment, the changes made in the indexes in the underlying database can be found using the `Source Refresh` option. For instance, if I need to see the indexes of a base view, I would follow the below steps: * Under the ‘Edit’ tab, I would click the ‘Source Refresh’ option. This shows the updated information of the indexes in the base view. Please refer the [Source Refresh]( section for more information. Also, the [GET_VIEW_INDEXES]( stored procedure helps to get the details of the current indexes available in the data source. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-10-2023 07:56:52 -0400
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