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Unable to connect to free trial VM on Azure

Yesterday I signed up for a free trial under Denodo’s Azure Account. I received an email confirming that it had been set up, with username, password, IP address and RDP file. However, Remote Desktop cannot connect to the IP ( I've tried connecting from a couple of different networks, without success. I am able to connect to Azure VMs I run under my own account. What should I do to be able to connect?
15-03-2019 08:35:41 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I performed the following steps to run a [free trial]( environment entirely provisioned by Denodo on Azure. 1. Started a free trial provisioned by Denodo on Azure 1. Received the email from Denodo Team with the remote desktop connection information 1. Successfully launched the remote desktop using the given credentials In your case, I would recommend you to check if there is any local firewall or permission that is not allowing your remote machine to be invoked. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-03-2019 07:51:10 -0400
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