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Problem updating interfaces

Hello, I have updated my derived view with adding a new column. I want to update the dependant interface but under the implementation tab, i am inable to add/drag&drop the new column even though i can see it in the interface. How to deal with this problem? Thank you
19-10-2023 05:29:01 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In general, the interface views are used for providing a final implementation of the intermediate views. In interface views,** the schema of the view will be defined already** in the `Definition tab of the interface view`, so when I try to change the schema (i.e.,add/drop column), the error message related to invalid interface state will be displayed. For instance, if I add a new column to a derived view, this is not propagated to the interface view because that field does not have an implementation expression. In order to deal with this issue, I would **create a new interface view** by adding the necessary columns and their implementation. For further information about interface views, please refer [Interface views]( documentation. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-10-2023 08:38:49 -0400
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