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DB2 enable query acceleration

I have a need to connect to DB2 by enabling query acceleration. I followed the IBM docs To enable query acceleration, specify a connection URL similar to the following: • jdbc:db2://;password=password;specialRegisters=CURRENT QUERY ACCELERATION=ELIGIBLE; However, I am not able to create the connection in Denodo with the parameter - specialRegisters=CURRENT QUERY ACCELERATION=ELIGIBLE;. I am able to create a connection without the special parameter, but the problem is that I cannot execute the query without this property set. I tried to keep this in Driver properties and it did not help either. I wanted to know if this feature is supported in Denodo or if there is a different way to do this.
10-12-2020 15:42:06 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to use the "**specialRegisters**" property in my JDBC URL and able to do the test connection succesfully. Since the specialRegisters needs to be standalone on URI as it has multivalued property type, hence, can you please use the JDBC connection string URI as follows in the JDBC data source Configuration tab: `jdbc:db2://<host>:<ip>/MYDB2:specialRegisters=CURRENT QUERY ACCELERATION=ELIGIBLE;` and then add the Authentication Login and Password in its respective driver properties instead of adding them in the connection string URI. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-12-2020 01:33:24 -0500
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