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Returning an existing compound type from executeReturnType

I have a bunch of complex compound types defined via CREATE TYPE syntax. Can I use them as a custom function return type, that is, return this type from executeReturnType()? E.g. something like this: ``` @CustomExecutorReturnType public CustomRecordType executeReturnType (@CustomParam(name = "register") CustomRecordType r) { return CustomElementsUtil.useExistingType("my_type"); } ``` That would save us from re-implementing such types in Java.
27-06-2020 07:23:06 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, You can implement these compound types in JAVA first for the custom function code to work as you would need to use the [VDP equivalent data types in JAVA]( And if in your scenario, the returned type is a compound data type, the type will be created in Virtual DataPort, unless it already exists and If the returned type does not have name, the type will be created with a random name. You can read more about this in [Developing Custom Function: Compound Types]( section of the manual. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-06-2020 09:43:17 -0400
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