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Start navigation with url parameters

Hi! I am trying to start a wrapper navigation with a dynamic url and I can't find how to insert the parameters into the inial url. My idea is something like this: http://myurl?param1=@param1&param2=@param2 and setting param1 and param2 dynamically. How can I do it? I am using denodo platform 6.0 Thank you!
18-05-2018 05:13:47 -0400

2 Answers

Hi! I have resolved the problem inserting EncodeSeq with my param: Navigate(^EncodeSeq(@param1),0); If you know another better way to do, please, you don't hesitate to answer to this question. Thanks!
18-05-2018 06:13:33 -0400
Hi, Glad to hear that you were able to start the navigation using a dynamic url. In order to pass parameters dynamically in the URL, I would also use the NSEQL commands and utilize the EncodeSEQ function. For more information you could refer the section [Util Functions]( of the ITPilot NSEQL guide. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
22-08-2018 02:27:25 -0400
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