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How to sync user queries in denodo data catalog servers?

Hi Team, I have a requiredment to **automate the process of export and import user queries **between 4 production servers through shell script. Is there **any export and import commands available** only to export the user queries from one server and to import it to another? Please help. Thanks!
11-11-2021 06:02:33 -0500

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Hi, In order to automate the export of Data Catalog components, you could use the export script available in the directory <DENODO_HOME>/tools/data-catalog.The exported files can be imported to Data Catalog through import script and UI as well. You could refer to the [Import and Export Data Catalog Metadata Using a Script]( section under Data Catalog Guide for more information. Also, you could use the REST API feature to perform the export and import process. For this, you could refer to the documentation of [REST API]( which provides detailed explanation of the tasks that can be performed with the Data Catalog. To get detailed information, you could also refer to a similar community Q&A [How to backup user queries under Data Catalog? ]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-11-2021 00:48:26 -0500
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