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Continuous Error at Excel Microsoft Query data retrieval from Denodo (6.0) through ODBC connectivity

All the time when retrieving data from Denodo (6.0) to Microsoft Excel using Excel Microsoft Query intermediated by ODBC connectivity, I faces next error, and can't retrieve data to Excel from Denodo. <Error Description when retrieving data from Denodo (6.0) to Microsoft Excel using Excel Microsoft Query intermediated by ODBC connectivity> 'java.sql.SQLException: Field not found ... in view ... Error while excecuting the query' <Reference> <Root Cause Suggestion> I have heard that the double quotes in Denodo view column names for handling Camel casing of name, using numbers and special characters in column names caused this error. <Workaround Suggestion> Firstly, using Microsoft Query and retrieve relatively compact Denodo views not including double quotes in column names to Excel. Secondly, once the data retrieval established at any Denodo view, there appears [Query and Connection], so click on property of that. Thirdly, [Data]-[Connection Property]-[Definition]-[CommandLine(SQL)] can be freely rewritten any query using once established same connectivity, so freely rewrite query even retrieving data from Denodo Views including double quoted column names. Fouthly, data retrieval from Denodo view to Excel will automatically start without error.
07-01-2021 20:36:17 -0500

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Hi, Virtual DataPort is compatible with the standard SQL. For example, if the data type of data source is NVARCHAR or VARCHAR, each will be recognized as TEXT when creating a view in Virtual DataPort. I recommend you to try debugging this issue by setting the log trace level to fine granularity and then to check the log files. For instance, you can follow the knowledge base article [Using logcontroller and useful log categories]( to check for log details. As example, you can change the log level in VQL Shell as follows: * CALL LOGCONTROLLER('com.denodo.vdp.engine.wrapper.raw.[DataSourceType]','DEBUG') DataSourceType can be changed in your environment according to your source type. Based on the information you find there, you may find some idea about what is going on when querying the view. If the issue persists and you are a valid support user, you may open a **Support Case** at the [Denodo Support Site]( and Support Team will help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-01-2021 05:42:07 -0500
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