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Data Catalog - Part of Revision

Hello, Data Catalog is not part of revision? In my dev I have sync vdp to data catalog and I have created all the Tags, Description and Business Glossarys. While I doing the revision or code promotion, I dont see any option for data catalog. Is there a way we can move data catalog tags and description from dev to prod environment Thanks
19-04-2022 08:26:27 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I would make use of the **Export** and **Import** options available in the Data Catalog to migrate the Data Catalog elements such as categories, tags and property groups from one environment to another. In order to export the elements, I would perform the following steps: 1. Navigate to the ‘**Administration -> Import/Export -> Export**’ option. 1. In the Export dialog window, choose required options such as Content search settings, Personalization settings, etc and click the **Export** button to get a zip file with all the elements in JSON format. After the elements are exported from the source environment, I would login to the Data Catalog of the target environment and perform the following steps to import the elements: 1. Navigate to the ‘**Administration -> Import/Export -> Import**' option. 1. Select the exported zip file and click the **Import** button. Additionally, if you would like to automate the movement of elements between different environments, you could utilize the [Import]( and [Export]( scripts located in the <DENODO_HOME>/tools/data-catalog directory or the [REST API]( option of the Data Catalog. You can take a look at the [Import and Export Data Catalog Metadata]( section of the Data Catalog Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-04-2022 08:32:40 -0400
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