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Hi, If I create roles and users over views on DEV environement for example, and then want to duplicate the same configurations ( roles and users), how to do that? Is using revision is enough? where can we save those kind of informations and reuse them? Can we generate a file and save it? Thank you,
12-05-2023 09:52:50 -0400

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Hi, I know of two ways you can do that in Denodo (8.0). The first way is, as already touched by your question, by creating a revision. This is also the recommended option. When you create a revision just check the "Include users and privileges" box in the "Included elements" section. However keep in mind that the revision will contain sentences to create users and roles and grant privileges only if the user that creates the revision is administrator or global administrator. Otherwise, revision will not include the statements to create users and roles, and grant privileges. Also, the revision will not include all the privileges. The revision will grant the privileges to these users and roles only over the elements included in the revision. The second way to export your User and Role information is to use the [Export Script]( The property *includeUserPriviliges* has to be set to *yes*. Doing so will export these elements, meaning your export includes the VQL statements to: 1. Create the users and the roles that are owners or have privileges assigned over the exported elements. 2. 2. Assign the privileges to these users/roles over the exported views. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-05-2023 04:00:49 -0400
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