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Webservice and scheduler

How to check if web service is up and running from scheduler?
23-02-2017 10:43:12 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, You have two approaches to check if web service is up and running, * If you have published a web service in Virtual Dataport, create a Aracne job to checks if the URL is accessible. * If you have a web service data source in Virtual Dataport, try the following next steps: 1. Create a base view from a web service data source in Virtual Dataport Administration tool. 2. Schedule a job to execute the base view to check the status of Web service. 3. When the job scheduled is completed then the web service is up and running. 4. In case if web service is down, you can configure the scheduler to send an email notification about its status. To configure mail in Scheduler, you can refer to the section “Mail configuration” from [Scheduler Administration guide]( Hope this helps. ****
Denodo Team
27-02-2017 05:48:31 -0500
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