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Denodo Driver Silent Install

Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some insight in to installing the DenodoODBCx64.msi silently for users. I am working on an SCCM deployment and would love to automate the driver install and ODBC connection. I have the connection part down, but I cannot seem to get the msi installer for the driver to accept /silent /quiet or /qn. Unfortunately, after googling around I am not having any luck on that front. Majority of the results are on the platform install rather than the driver. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
12-04-2019 15:48:52 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Usually, to silently install the msi installer I would use msiexec /i <path to msi file> /qn command, for denodo platform ODBC msi installer the following command worked for me msiexec /i <denodo_home>\tools\client-drivers\odbc\DenodoODBC_x64\DenodoODBC_x64.msi /qn Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-04-2019 20:44:08 -0400
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