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Transient "Insufficient privileges" error when connecting through ODBC using an AD user

Hi, We have an AD group (imported as Role in Denodo) with Admin privileges over a VDB. When we try to connect to that Denodo VDB through ODBC using an AD account associated to that group, sometimes we get a successful connection and some other times we get "Insufficient privileges to connect to the database {Db Name}". We tested using a DSN and without a DSN and we were able to reproduce the issue in both cases. Also we tested from 2 different Windows VMs having the Denodo ODBC driver installed (v9.03.06) and at some point we got a successful connection from one VM and error from the other one, using the exact same credentials. In both cases, when testing at different times we get successful connections, so we can discard any credentials issue. So far we did not have any issues with that AD account when accessing using the VDP Admin tool. Any ideas of what could cause this behavior? Thanks.
25-01-2023 13:16:23 -0500

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Hi, According to the version number of your ODBC driver it is believed that you are on Denodo version 8 and also wish you to check if the latest update has been applied already. I would start the investigation by enabling logs for LDAP as illustrated in one of our KB article [“How to configure a VDP database with LDAP authentication”.]( This documentation will provide you wider understandings on LDAP authentication of Denodo platform and you can find how to enable the log for your analysis at “Debugging the LDAP configuration” section of this KnowledgeBase. Also in case if you think it is needed, you can enable ODBC side of log from your odbc driver configuration to find out exact time when it happens. Also we can compare if this only happens when connecting with ODBC but other types of data sources connectivities are functioning 100% well or not. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
26-01-2023 02:36:13 -0500
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