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Roles/privileges needed to run the Catalog stored procedures

I am using a local user account in the Denodo system to run the Stored Procedure CLEAN_DATABASE_CACHE. I am getting the following error: The user does not have READ privileges on the procedure 'clean_cache_database' What is the Role needed so that the local user account can execute this Stored Procedure?
23-05-2017 20:08:03 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I have checked that to run the clean_cache_database stored procedure I need administrator privileges for my VDP user, as only the administrator can run the stored procedure. To know more about CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE you can check the section “[CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE](” of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
24-05-2017 07:35:12 -0400
Thanks. I am using Control-M as the scheduler and the user acct that is called by Control-M has database (VDB) admin privileges but not system admin privileges, and I want to leave it that way. So my only option is to leave the Maintenance Option to 'On' to have Denodo run periodic cache cleanup work. How often is 'periodic'? What is the frequency and can I change if I wanted to.
26-07-2017 02:43:40 -0400
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