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AWS Glue and Denodo

Hi, I am trying to use this example to connect to a Denodo Dev server. The AWS Glue job is in AWS Account 12345. The Denodo Dev server is in AWS Account 45678. There is VPC Peering between Account 12345 and Account 45678. The AWS Glue job is not able to communicate to the Denodo Dev Server. So in order to run the AWS Glue job in an VPC, I have to use Database Connections in AWS Glue but that is also not working because Denodo is not natively supported by AWS Glue. Now the other option, I can think of is via AWS Glue Custom Connectors to Connect external data stores. Is there any example of Custom Connectors to conect to Denodo server? I am using Spark with Python. Thanks in advance! Regards, Jay Chandran.
12-07-2022 01:19:16 -0400

3 Answers

Update: I tried with Connection type as Network and the Glue job was able to talk to Denodo server in the other AWS account. But I am still curios if anyone has written Custom Connector for Denodo.
12-07-2022 02:28:13 -0400
Hi, The Network Connection type must be used in order to connect to Denodo from a Glue job. For your scenario, you could try creating a custom connector with Denodo JDBC URL along with delimiter in Glue Connectors section, and then create a connection over that newly created connector in order to connect to Denodo Platform. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-07-2022 08:30:14 -0400
Thanks for the reply. I will try it out.
14-07-2022 07:12:08 -0400
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