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Data Type Conversion in Delimited File Data Source

Hi, I am trying to create a Selection View in order to convert text value columns in a delimited file based data source to other data types, based on : Initially, I was attempting to convert data strings, using to_timestampz() function, but this always results in a <null> value. I then tried to convert simple numeric strings to decimal/int/float types, but again, this always results in <null> Now, I appreciated that this is specifically for Excel files – but was assuming this would also work for delimited file sources. However, having revisited the documentation for Delimited File Sources, I do not see any such information on conversion. Does this mean, it is simply not possible to convert text values in a delimited file source?
17-07-2020 05:37:59 -0400

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Hi, When you create a base view over a text file (or any other source) you have the opportunity to change the data type There is a drop down against the field type and you can change text to a numeric data type, as long as the data itself supports the new data type. You can edit your base views and make any changes you need. Regards...
Denodo Team
 Edited on: 21-07-2020 04:59:00 -0400
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