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Executing arbitrary queries over JDBC from tables/views not configured as base views?

Is it possible to make queries over Denodo JDBC against view/tables not sourced in to VDP as base views? We have an Oracle database sourced into VDP. It contains 100's of tables. Selection amongst them is very arbitrary. If we create views in Denodo, each would end up being a "one off" and not reusable.
18-10-2014 15:40:24 -0400

1 Answer

In VDP, you need to have the structure of the elements that you want to query. To query those 100's of tables the best approach will be to import all the tables in Oracle as views in VDP. You can import multiple views at the same time as shown in section " Creating Base Views from a JDBC Data Source" of the VDP Administration Guide. Once you import all the views in VDP, you will be able to make any query against those tables. You don't need to create the selection views, just the base views.
Denodo Team
21-10-2014 03:12:43 -0400
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