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How can you access the Scheduler Log files without Client API?

We are interested in analyzing the Denodo Scheduler log data to monitor jobs, identify trends in errors/job failures, and to identify trends on when jobs are being run. From my research, it looks like the only documneted way to get this data with Denodo 7.0 is through the Client API. Through Eclipse, we need to create a stored procedure that can pull this data for us. My question is: are other, simpler, ways to access this data? Is there a datasource we can directly connect to instead? Is there a REST API, similiair to what is documented in Denodo 8.0 where I can query this data through a programing language?

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Hi, At the moment in Denodo 7.0, you could get the requirements as you mentioned, like monitoring the jobs, identifying the errors, and finding the Scheduler job is being run, programmatically only through Denodo Scheduler Client API. In addition, the Denodo **Scheduler REST API** is available from Denodo 8.0, using which you can interact with the Scheduler servers and get the scheduler job status, configuration, report management, and so on through a REST API. Hence, if you prefer to use REST API to accomplish your required scenario, you could look for the possibility to upgrade the server to Denodo Platform 8.0. For more information about the Denodo 7.0 Scheduler Client API and Denodo 8.0 Scheduler REST API, you can take a look at the [SchedulerClientAPI]( , [SchedulerRESTClientAPI]( sections of the Scheduler Administration Guide. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
09-12-2021 07:09:31 -0500
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