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To save Denodo Logs to Azure Monitor

We are trying to Send denodo logs to Azure Monitor. We have installed our Application in AKS and also, we are using the latest image Denodo Platform 8.0 Update 20220815. Is there any document that can help us set up the Azure Monitoring. We went through the document below, but it wasn't very helpful as the document seems outdated and also maybe because we are using a new Image. Thanks in Advance.
22-09-2022 07:57:15 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, I understand that you have the latest Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815 installed in Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS). You would like to send the Denodo logs of this installation to Azure Monitor. The steps provided in document [Monitoring Denodo with Azure Monitor]( are relevant to Denodo 8.0. Broadly the steps are : 1. [Creating the Log Analytics Workspace]( 1. [Install and connect Log Analytics Agent](, which will collect the Denodo logs and send them to Log Analytics Workspace. 1. Upload the Denodo Logs from the Log Analytics Agent to Log Analytics Workspace. Denodo’s role is just to provide the generated logs, which are stored local to the installation or as per your management of logs for the installation. The Update 8.0u20220815 of Denodo, doesn’t impact this aspect of the platform. You can refer to the document [What’s New In Update 8.0u20220815]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-09-2022 00:02:46 -0400
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