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Stored Procedure with out parameter from mainframe

i have a stored procedure on mainframe. which has one OUT parameter. what is the way to create a base view from query to call the stored procedure as any value i give to the out parameter is rejected. i tried "?", gave a variable and tried to set its value to "?". expectation is a global variable. how to resolve this?
15-09-2021 23:13:02 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, To create a base view from calling the stored procedure in the mainframe (DB2), there are two ways to achieve this. - Create the base view graphically using the administration tool. Please refer to this community article on [JDBC Sources — Virtual DataPort Administration Guide]( for details. - Create the base view from the VQL inside the administration tool. Go to your DB2 connection, and choose tab “Create base view” Choose “Create from query” In my example I have a DB2 stored procedure with one OUT parameter so I used the following syntax and it worked. `CALL schemaName.storedProcedureName(?)` Click OK to save your new view If you still need help and you have a valid support user account, please open a new support case at the [Denodo Support site]( so that the support team can assist you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-09-2021 00:48:13 -0400
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