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Unable to read Unicode character columns in views

we built some base views off RMS sql files. three columns have elements that are formatted “ObjectValueTypUnicode” datatype. the columns do not appear in the output on a SELECT * base view build. Just not there while every other field is populated and pulls data in execute?
21-12-2017 13:25:00 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Virtual DataPort provides the equivalent data types for all the SQL types. For unicode charset Virtual DataPort chooses the default data type as "text". For example if the data type in the datasource is NCHAR OR NVARCHAR then when creating views in Virtual DataPort it sets the field data type as "text". In order to retrieve the unicode values, you could modify the subtype property of a field to NCHAR or NVARCHAR in Virtual DatatPort by navigating to the base view > Edit > Output Tab > choose the field> click on the Pencil icon > Source Type Properties. Refer the Knowledge Base Article [VDP Conformance with Standard SQL]( and [Viewing the Schema of a Base View]( to know about supported Data types and source type properties in Virtual DataPort. Hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
22-12-2017 07:21:58 -0500
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