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Migrating VCS from GitHub to GitLab.

We are migrating our VCS from GitHub to GitLab. Can anyone please show me the way - How can I setup SSH key- deploy key and establish relations between denodo and GitLab? We don't want CI/CD functionality. We want to track changes in our denodo-dev and use GitLab repo as backup only.
11-06-2019 16:39:05 -0400

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Hi, In order to use SSH along Git, you need to configure Git in Virtual DataPort Server and create SSH keys between the machine where Virtual DataPort Servers are and the GitLab machine. Only the RSA algorithm is supported by Virtual DataPort. If you can SSH from the Virtual DataPort Server to the GitLab machine without a password, then the VDP Server should be able to from the VCS configuration in Denodo. To add the RSA SSH key to your known_hosts file on the VDP server, run this command: ``` ssh -o HostKeyAlgorithms=ssh-rsa,ssh-dss ``` where **** is your GitLab server hostname. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-06-2019 16:11:23 -0400
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