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Determining the driver version of clients through Denodo server logs (such as connection/query monitor logs)

Is there a way to know what's the version of the jdbc/odbc drivers being used by the clients connection to our Denodo servers? The ideal would be to have this info displayed for each row in the connection/query monitor logs. Similar to the 'access_interface' column which specifies JDBC or ODBC. We'd simply like that column to be more specific (e.g. "JDBC - driver version 20230301), or have a 2nd column that specifies the driver version. This would allow to know immediatly if a client reporting an issue is using an outdated version of the driver. And generally it would allow us to monitor and have reports if any active users are still using outdated driver versions. I believe that is not possible with the current Denodo version, so our question is what would be the best approach to satisfy this need?
13-11-2023 16:38:17 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Visualizing the driver version in connection / query through which driver Denodo connects to a particular JDBC/ODBC connection from the query monitor is not available at the moment. However, if you are a valid support user, please raise a case at the [Denodo support site](, to understand your scenario and help you further. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
24-11-2023 08:17:15 -0500
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