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Scheduler Trigger

I have jobs 1-10 and dependencies are in that order, when i manually trigger job1, all the dependents should follow. so i have , job2-dependant on job1, job3-dependant on job2 job4 on job3...and so on. so when i trigger job1 , all others should follow, how should i schedule this in trigger.?
08-12-2016 09:32:26 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, For each job, you should add a dependency in the "Triggers section" for the job that should execute before it. ie. Job 3 should have a dependency on Job 2, and Job 2 should have a dependency on Job 1. When you execute "Start with Dependencies" on Job 10, all of the jobs before it will execute, in order, before Job 10 executes. ie. Job 10 forces Job 9 to execute which forces Job 8, etc. I suggest reading about setting dependencies in the "Dependencies among Jobs" section of the Scheduler Administration Guide and the Start With Dependencies option under the "Jobs" section. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-12-2016 12:07:35 -0500
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