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role privileges for data movement

I'm trying to use a datasource (JDBC connection to Teradata) that has data movement enabled, currently in a Denodo database where all our datasources are kept (Admin). I have a user that is in a role that has connect/metadata/execute privleges granted to a Denodo database that contains the BaseView built off the data movement enabled datasource. For testing purposes, a query that is joining Teradata tables to a small SQL server data subset, data movement works as expected under an admin account. However, the user is encountering this error: JDBC ERROR: The data source 'admin.dsTeradata' specified in the data movement plan does not exist in this database or user has no privileges over it Which privilege will allow this user to run the query against the datasource with the data movement?
03-08-2023 18:44:21 -0400

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Hi, When you create a view with a Data Movement you need the read privilege over all the views to be moved, and the execute privilege over the target data source. You can find more information about the necessary privileges for Data Movements in the [Data Movement]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide and in the [User and Access Rights in Virtual DataPort]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-08-2023 06:45:10 -0400
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