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List the thread count for all queries displayed in a Diagnostic (Requests tab)

We often create a Diagnostic of the executions that happened overnight. Is there a way to list the thread count of each query? The best we could find is to open the "Request" tab of a Diagnostic, right click on the request, and select "Show Threads". We have 2 issues with that: 1. This is a very manual process, and we can't possibly do that for say 100 queries. Is it not possible to have the thread count as a column in the Request tab? 2. For many queries, when doing "Show Threads" it tells us **There is no thread information about request with ID 123456 for diagnostic 'myDiagnostic_2023_11_22'**. Is it really possible to have queries of type "SELECT VIEW" that have used no threads? Or does Denodo simply not keep the thread information for all queries? Thanks

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Hello, At present, it seems that listing the thread count for each query in the general view under the request tab may not be feasible. As a potential workaround, you can configure the Denodo monitor and channel the log information into a database. This setup enables you to flexibly manipulate the generated threads information. For more details, please refer to the following link: [Denodo Monitor Configuration]( I hope this information proves helpful.
Denodo Team
01-02-2024 05:29:40 -0500
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