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Unable to connect to Postgres server

Hi, Our team has been attempting to connect to our Postgres server on Denodo for awhile now, but it's still not budging at the moment. Our databases might be a bit more complicated in the sense that it needs to be accessed via a SSH tunnel. We've adjusted our firewall settings, but it's still showing this error: **"Unable to establish connection: The connection attempt failed"**. When looking into the vdpadmin.log logs, I see this error: **"com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.vdbserverproxy.VDBServerProxy [] - The connection attempt failed."** For your reference, I am using the PostgreSQL 10 driver and **jdbc:postgresql://{host}:{port}/{database}?useSSL=false** as my Database URI. For the authentication method, I am using **Use login and password**. This approach worked for our MariaDB server (we used the MySQL 5 driver for this instead), but somehow we've had no luck with Postgres. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how we might fix this! Thank you so much!
07-04-2022 21:50:15 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to successfully connect to the **PostgreSQL 10** database from Virtual DataPort by creating a [JDBC data source]( connection with the PostgreSQL 10 database adapter. I have used the following Database connection URI having the the default PostgreSQL port ‘**jdbc:postgresql://<hostname>:5432/<database_name>**’. In case of issues in connection establishment, I would perform the following checks to troubleshoot the issue: * Check whether the PostgreSQL database **server is active**. * Check if the database hostname is reachable from Virtual DataPort Server machine using **telnet** or **ping** utilities. * Double check the **firewall settings** so that the database port is open for connection. * Check if there is a **host entry** in ‘PostgreSQL\10\data\\**pg_hba.conf**’, with IPv4 Address of the machine where the database is installed. e.g ‘host all all <ip_address>/<masklength> md5’ If you still need help and if you are a valid Support user, then please raise a Support case at [Denodo Support Site]( so that our Support Team will help you further. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-04-2022 05:26:34 -0400
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