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XSLT Mapper tool

Hello, I want to use XSLT mapper for my api that is returing data. Do that require a valid contract to use XSLT mapper I cant even see a proper installation guide on the help page. One of the question was answered and it said to go on support site and take it from there but whenever I login it just says 403 error forbidden Can you help me with this?
05-10-2020 23:34:08 -0400

1 Answer

Hi Denodo XSLT Mapper tool is a Denodo Connect component available only to valid support users. However, what I would do is define a XSLT transformation over the web service in the Virtual DataPort admin tool. In the settings tab of the web service select XSLT transformations and define the output XSLT transformation. You can take a look at [XSLT Transformations]( of the Virtual Dataport guide for details on this. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-10-2020 08:26:02 -0400
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