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SOURCE_CHANGES() error out with following error: The following fields are obligatory: table_name

Hi Team, I am referring to below link and trying to automate source changes refresh. But when I run below statement i am getting below error please help me how to fix it. SELECT * FROM SOURCE_CHANGES() limit 1; error: Finished with error: No search methods ready to be run. The following fields are obligatory: table_name Thanks Niranjan

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Hello, I think the error could be because while executing this stored procedure an input parameter is required, which is the name of the base view. Also, mentioned in the link you shared the correct syntax is : SOURCE_CHANGES ( base view name : text ) So, in order to execute it without any error you need to provide an input in the statement which will be your base view : SELECT * FROM SOURCE_CHANGES(‘bv_example’) ; Or SELECT * FROM SOURCE_CHANGES() WHERE table_name =‘bv_example’; Hope it helps!
Denodo Team
19-02-2019 16:48:34 -0500
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