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How to add date function inside of the savefile function for timestamp of document being saved?

Hello, We are wondering how to add the date such as 3152016 which is todays date 3/15/2016 to the end of an excel file being saved. Currently we are using the savefile function as follows: savefile(ohio.xlsx,d:\\\\ohio\\\\archive); The issue is it is overwriting the file ohio.xlsx every time it runs. We need the file to save as ohio3152016.xlsx and the next day it runs it should save as ohio3162016.xlsx and so on. I have looked into the date functions but am not sure how to implement them inside of the savefile() function. Thank you
15-03-2016 16:27:07 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The date functions you likely found were VQL functions, where as your navigation sequence utilizes NSEQL. One option could be to parameterize the value for your file name (i.e. ohio@{dateParam}.xlsx). You can define this parameter in your ‘Init’ component. When you import this wrapper into VDP, you need will need to provide a value for your parameter at runtime. You can schedule this value to be the current date using VQL functions such as: FORMATDATE('MMddyyyy', CURRENT_DATE()) You can find more information about input parameters in the’ Process Initialization’ section of the ‘ITPilot Generation Environment Guide.’ More information regarding the suggested VQL functions can be found in the ‘Date Processing Functions’ section of the advanced VQL Guide. Hope that helps!
Denodo Team
15-03-2016 20:52:00 -0400
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