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Change detection property groups in Data Catalog

Hello, I would like to output the username of in the "property groups" -> "Edit property" --> " Allow variables in value" and not only in denodo but also in the export file (custom_property.json). So far there is only the "Default value" ->"$user_name" I would like to see the whole username e.g. Max Mustermann or so. Is there a "registration" in the Denodo Data Catalog when you change something in the property groups. Something like "Last modifier" and "Last modification".
24-03-2022 09:06:14 -0400

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Hi, In general, the Data Catalog export file only contains the metadata information of the Virtual DataPort Server registered in the Data Catalog. Since the metadata is only exported during the export process, the actual value provided in the variable “$user_name” will not be exported to the exported file (custom_property.json). This is because the variable defined in the property group would be updated only at run time in the Data Catalog web tool. For example, if a user1 is logged into the Data Catalog, then the $user_name variable will be shown as user1 and when user2 is logged in then the $user_name variable will be shown as user2. So it is not possible to export the metadata with the actual data as the value is varying based on the logged in user. To answer the question on getting “Last modifier” and “Last modification” – Currently,the option to verify the last modification date is only available for the views(localviews.json) and not for the other metadata objects such as properties, tags, categories etc.. For additional information, you could refer to the [Manage the Custom Properties of a Property Group]( of the Data Catalog Guide. Hope this Helps!
Denodo Team
25-03-2022 12:01:38 -0400
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