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Installation of Denedo platform on Local laptop

HI Denedo SME, I need help in installing Denedo platform on on premise / Local computer . (windows 64 bit ) machine. 1) I have laptop with windows64 bit , and 8 GB ram . 2) What are the Denedo tools / platform are required to installed on local computer . 3) what are the configuration or any settings required while installation. 4) Is there any task need to follow , once installation of Denedo completed. 5) How this Denedo platform works on On premise machine . Note : we are not using Denedo in Cloud environment. 6) Let us know , whethere Denedo on On premise or in Cloud env (aws/azure) are more effective in the long run , if denedo is used in cloud envrironment , then it is chargeble for virtual machines . 7) if anyone can share experience , how it is effective in cloud environment 8) we need to implement a small PoC in Denedo Regards, Mangesh
28-05-2021 07:16:46 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, For POC related queries, you could contact **** or fill out this contact form If you are installing Denodo Platform On-Prem, you can refer to the [Denodo Platform Installation Guide]( documentation for informations like, Hardware and Software Requirements, Pre-installation tasks, Post-installation tasks. To install Denodo Platform on a Cloud environment, you could refer to the [Installation steps on a cloud environment]( Knowledge Base article. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-06-2021 04:58:11 -0400
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