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Web service request testing in denodo6

Hi, I am doing web service testing in denodo6. When I execute webservice URL ,the parameter value specified in where condition is appended with double quotes. On denodo 5.5 server, the web service is executed correctly. But on denodo 6 server the same URL gives an error The field 'HS00000001983766' does not exist. http://servername:portnumber/server/webservicepath?%24filter=%28heartbeat_id+in+%22HS00000001983766%22%29 http://servername:portnumber/server/webservicepath?%24filter=%28heartbeat_id+in+"HS00000001983766"%29 If I replace parameter value double quotes with single quotes then the URL works fine. http://servername:portnumber/server/webservicepath?%24filter=%28heartbeat_id+in+'HS00000001983766'%29 Could you please help with how to fix this issue for all webservices?
05-10-2016 08:58:45 -0400

1 Answer

Denodo 6.0 has included some modifications in the syntax and operation of certain data types, described in the Migration Guide, to get closer to the ANSI SQL standard. As part of this effort, soem features have been deprecated, like support for double quotes to represent textual values. ANSI SQL requires textual values to be surrounded by singles quotes instead. Below is the extract of the Migration Guide that refers to the issue: > It is mandatory to surround literals with single quotes as indicated by the SQL standard. In earlier versions, you could use either single or double quotes for this, but not anymore. > In Denodo 6.0, the double quotes are used to surround identifiers with special characters.
Denodo Team
06-10-2016 20:33:49 -0400
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