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Connect Denodo to Azure-DataBrick with Simba driver

Hi, I am trying to connect Azure Databricks through Simba driver, but getting error due to autherntication or something else. Steps: I downloaded it from website ( and put it in Denodo ( DenodoPlatform8.0\lib\extensions\jdbc-drivers-external\bigquery\SimbaSparkJDBC42- ) Restarted Denodo and tried to make a new JDBC connection using **Database URL** : `jdbc:spark://host:port/default;transportMode=http;ssl=1;httpPath=sql/protocolv1/o/something/something-cooks535;AuthMech=3;UID=token;PWD=<Token generated from Azure Cluster valid 90 days>` Above Database url I found from Azure DataBrick > Cluster > Jdbc/odbc section. When tested the connection got **error**: > *Unable to establish connection: [Simba][SparkJDBCDriver](500151) Error setting/closing session: Open Session Error.* Ques-1: Do I need to pass the username and password even though we pass the Authentication Token in URL? What happens on enterprise deployment on Prod. we may not have usr/pwd I tried kerberos login using my own email_id for Azure and password, still got **error**: > Unable to establish connection: No such host is known (NLDN03951PAU) Ques-2: Is the driver correct and compatible for Denodo? ``` Database Adapter: Spark SQL 2.x Databricks Driver Class Path: databricks Driver Class: com.simba.spark.jdbc41.Driver Transaction isolation: Database Default ```
10-05-2021 18:26:37 -0400

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Hi, To establish a successful connection with Azure Data bricks from the Virtual DataPort, I would use the default SIMBA JDBC driver (choose Database Adapter: Spark SQL 2.x Databricks) provided by Denodo. You could refer to the Knowledge base article [How to connect to Azure Databricks from Denodo]( for detailed steps. When providing authentication details, I would provide the login information in the JDBC url or Login/password parameters of the JDBC data source as both options would work fine. For deployment options, I would use [Solution Manager](, as it is useful to deploy the VQL elements from one environment to another using the exported properties file which helped me to capture the connection parameters. The *Open session error* usually occurs when you have issues in SSL certificate validation. I would ensure if I have followed the steps provided in Knowledge base article [SSL Connection from VDP to data sources](http://https// to resolve the error. For the second error related to Kerberos login, it could have arisen due to improper Kerberos configuration and hence I would check the Kerberos configuration for Azure Databricks and provide the required information like Kerberos login and password in the JDBC data source. The section [Connecting to a JDBC Source with Kerberos Authentication]( would help you to get more information about it. Hope this helps
Denodo Team
11-05-2021 08:25:38 -0400
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